A Romantic Love Story Of Naina And Sameer

The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.

Naina, The Eyes, is a tribute to love, undying passion and courage. It is an attempt to highlight that how entire humanity has submitted and adjusted itself to mediocrity and hypocrisy. It is an effort to shed light that why we are suffering endlessly when we possess the power to free ourselves. We just need will to change and defy our own created slavery of noisy materialism at the expense of our true happiness and peace. It proposes a probable solution to adopt art as true friend to begin with and free from mundaneness of life by looking within. Humans are the wonderful and amazingly powerful creature of this infinite consciousness but heightened ego has blocked them to experience their own grandeur. Their limitlessness and timelessness are hidden under the shadow of erratic reality of greed and power. There is a sincere laid our approach to feel and see within our true self, which is not only beautiful beyond measures but also infinitely expanded.